DOM Surface panel for deep Order Flow analysis

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Third dimension blog posts

The first and main news of this release is the new DOM Surface panel, which has become an improved version of the existing Order Flow Surface panel. Connecting to Coinbase Pro, a new charting style and alerts for indicators are ready for use in the 3rdDimension platform

DOM Surface Panel — a brand new view on order flow analysis

The liquidity analysis in the Order Book gives a key to understanding the market and allows you to see patterns and levels from which the price can bounce back with a high probability. For this purpose, the Order Flow Surface panel is already available in our platform, which shows all changes and evolution in limit orders in the form of a map. But we went further 🙂

Today we are pleased to present DOM Surface — a new and improved tool for professional analysis of order flow. So, let’s see what’s interesting in it:

  1. Added three coloring modes to visualize the liquidity map  Monochrome, Bichrome, Heatmap.
    Three coloring modes in DOM Surface panel
  2. The execution of market orders is shown in the form of Circles. Red circles indicate the execution of sell orders, and green circles indicate the execution of buy. The size of the circle corresponds to the order volume. In the settings of the panel, you can set the maximum size of the circle, its opacity, as well as the maximum trade size.
    DOM Surface shows execution of market orders
  3. In addition to the Last Trade line, you can include Bid/Ask lines on the chart. For each line, you can set any color for a better perception.
    Enable lines of Bid, Ask and Last price in DOM surface panel
  4. On the right side of the panel, there are three histograms  Size, Cumulative Size, Order Book Imbalance.
    Size shows the volume of limit orders at each price.
    Cumulative Size shows the sum of Limit order volumes for each subsequent level. This histogram allows estimating the dominating side of the market.
    Imbalance shows how many percents of buyers are more than sellers (and vice versa) for each price level.
    DOM Surface has three histograms — Size, Cumulative Size, Imbalance
  5. When you move the cursor over the map area, information on the level and volume at each price will be displayed in the upper left corner. By activating the info mode, you can hover over any circle and see the actual size of the executed order. 
    Activate the info mode in DOM Surface and explore the details for every trade or resting orders
  6. The main bar of the panel has quick settings where you can set the required number of DOM levels, as well as their contrast. This allows you to focus on levels with high liquidity.
    Set the required number of DOM levels and their contrast
  7. Added 9 Hot Keys to perform basic trading operations: placing market orders, placing limit orders by the best bid/offer price, canceling orders and closing positions. This is by far great addition which allows you to quickly respond to changing market conditions.
    DOM Surface has trading hotkeys for quick placing of market and limit orders as well as their closing and canceling
  8. We have added an auto-centering of the chart, which aligns the price position in case the bid/ask lines go beyond the chart visibility.

Alerts for Indicators

At the user’s request, we added alerts for indicators. After setting an alert on the necessary indicator, it will be active until the specified condition is met. Alert placement is performed in the same way as on the main chart, i.e. through the “Bell” icon

Activate and place the alert on the desired indicator

And that’s where I have to say goodbye, but not for long. We have more other news coming your way very soon, so keep your eyes open!

By the way, speaking of the updates. To get the new version, click on the “Logo” icon and open the sidebar, then press the “NEW VERSION” button at the bottom and get on About screen. Press the “DOWNLOAD” button, and 3rdDimension will download the latest version and prepare it for the update.