Crypto market volatility is one of the most unique attribute of an immerging market. To use this volatility to your benefits we created Grid Bot that can profit from all price movements up and down.


Grid Bot is an automated strategy where you set the price rang you wanted to operate in and the number of levels in this range and the capital per level then it will MILK the market whether it moves up or down in this range. The longer the market moves in this range the higher the profit it will be. While we are in a bear market now and close to the bottom of the bear market it is the best time to use Grid strategy because you are protected from the down side.


How to use SpiderGrid Bot




In 3rdDimension open StrategyRunner (stR), then choose SpiderGrid Bot.


Then you will need to input the following parameters:

1- Licence : select your active license, and pay attention that your Licence set the limitation to the number of allowed Grids and the max quantity per each Trade.

2- Symbol : the pair you want to trade on. which you already have its quote.

3- Trigger Price: if you want the Bot to start at a specific price level.

Price Range : 4- Lower Limit  5- Upper Limit.

6- Level Mode: the number of levels in the price range you chose, 3rdDimension lets you to choose one of the 3 types of dividing your grid:

  • Fixed Step: so that between each level there is a fixed numerical value.
  • Fixed Percentage: between each level there is a fixed price percentage.
  • Fixed Num of Levels: the price range is divided into a specified number of levels.

7- The numerical value of the previous parameter.

8- Then you are free to choose to input Quote Quantity per trade and the bot will calculate 9- Full Quote Quantity, and vice versa.

10- Instance name: name your Bot to easily manage it from Strategy Manager.






1- Licence : Nemo let you to open 1 grid with max of 15$ Quote Quantity per Trade,

2- Symbol : Dose-USDC

3- Trigger Price: 0 so the Bot will operate at the current price.

Price Range :
4- Lower Limit: 0.03175 Dose
5- Upper Limit: 0.03355 Dose

6-7- Level Mode: Fixed Num of Levels (5).

8- Quote Quantity per trade: 10

9- Full Quote Quantity: 50