Power Trades Scanner got predefined settings templates

In order for Power Trades to work properly, it is important to set the parameters that will best suit the specific symbol. Therefore, to make it easy to use the scanner, we have prepared predefined setup templates for 36 instruments traded on the Binance exchange. These settings are the starting point for the use of Power Trades, and every user can set more precise parameters on their own.

So, the screenshot below shows the list of symbols for which we have prepared templates.

Predefined settings for Power Trades scanner

Level 2 Indicator

The indicator shows DOM levels with volumes at each price level directly on the chart. This allows you to monitor changes in the DOM without having to open the panel itself.
In the settings of the indicator, you can specify the required number of levels, colors, as well as the width of the occupied area on the chart.

Level 2 indicator in Quantower shows DOM levels on the chart

Indicator of Separated ATRs

This is a volatility indicator that shows the difference between the two ATR indicators:

  • the first ATR takes into account only the growing bars
  • the second ATR only counts falling bars.
Volatility indicator of Separated ATRs

Symbol Description on the chart

On the background of the chart, we have added the name of the trading instrument, which you can optionally enable/disable in the general settings of the panel.

Symbol Description on the chart