The new added features to the PUMPS CATCHER

The new added features to the PUMPS CATCHER

Trailing Stop Loss

The Trailing SL feature allows the Stop Loss (SL) order to track price movement, the SL rises with every Bid order, so you can increase the Profit without fear of a price drop.

USDT Quote

PUMP CATCHER is heading to capture any significant rise in the price and not only organized PUMPS, so USDT pairs was added in this update.

Stop Loss

If the price falls immediately after the buy order and the price does not continue to rise, then the SL order is going to be executed at the specified percentage in the field SL, and it can be Market/Limit order, based on your choice.

Market Buy Order

Now you can choose to buy and sell with two types of orders
: Limit or Market.
When you choose market order then the strategy will execute buy market order exactly when Price Change Percentage gets hit.

Symbols Filter

If you want PUMPS CATCHER to run on specific numbers of pairs, then you added them in Exclusive Pairs.
Text is not case sensitive and doesn’t consider spaces between names, just add a comma between each symbol like XLM, bat, zil.

If you don’t want PUMPS CATCHER to catch any movement on a certain symbol, then add them in Excluded Pairs.

If you want to limit PUMPS CATCHER to a certain number of trades, then add this number inPumps Count, so for example if you put “1”, then PUMPS CATCHER will catch the first Pump only, and will not execute any trades for any Pumps after that.
And if you put “0”, then it will catch all the Pumps that satisfy your conditions until you stop the strategy manually.