Just after the official release of 3rd Dimension trading application, we announce the first trading connection with Poloniex crypto-exchange. Now any trader can try the brand-new trading application using the live account on one of the most popular crypto-exchanges.

When we were thinking about the first connection for our trading application, we decided to start from emerging market, that is fastly growing and attracting a lot of new traders each day. That is why we came to market of digital assets (or Crypto-currency) and started from one of the most popular Exchanges on it – Poloniex.

All needed is on-board

The first release of 3rd Dimension trading application consists of a number of basic functionalities, suitable for Crypto-trading, like “Chart” with a huge set of drawings and indicators, “Order entry” (including limit orders), “Depth of market” and “Watchlist”. Trader can also see and manage its opened orders and positions using functional “Positions” and “Orders” panels. Additionally, trader will like an informational panels “Symbol Info” & “Account Info” that gives the all available information about the account and trading instruments.

Trade on Poloniex using familiar tools via 3rd Dimension trading application

What else can 3rd Dimension propose to Poloniex trader?

The answer is – convenient trading environment. We paid a lot of attention to making the interface of 3rd Dimension as much flexible as possible, giving the trader various leverages for workspace modification. It is possible to set up, group, bind panels and organize them in different trading environments, so-called – Workspaces. Worth to mention, that each separate panel can be customized individually via the personal settings screens. Trader can also set up the default “Setting Layouts” per each panel scope.

Wow. Looking on all of these advantages it is hard to ignore the possibility to try the 3rd Dimension trading application with Poloniex account. In addition, we should mention, that being in an early stage, 3rd Dimension is absolutely free-to-use application so don’t hesitate and go to Download 3rd Dimension right now.

And don’t forget to share your thoughts and impressions with our team via your preferred way. We, the 3rd Dimension Team, are always ready to hear any trader and do the best we can, to make your trading as much profitable as possible.