Added Midpoint to Market Profile

Midpoint shows the middle line of the Market profile. It is more often used as a support/resistance line or a balanced line for D-shape profiles.

Cumulative size in the DOM Trader panel

The new column in the DOM Trader panel, called Cumulative Size, shows the sum of liquidity at each price level.

Cumulative Last Trade Size in DOM Trader

Changed the display of the Last Trade Size, which was located on the price axis. In the new version, we placed Last Trade Size in a separate column and added a mechanism for accumulating trading volume, if the price did not change.

For example, if the previous trade was on the Bid side, and then the latest trade is on the Ask side at the same price, then the Last Trade Size will add the value. But if the price will change on one tick up or down, then the Last Trade Size will be reset.

Multiple custom trading sessions

Trading activity and volatility can vary for each trading session. And if you need to analyze the distribution of trading volume for different sessions, it is better to use Custom Trade Session.

In the chart settings, set the time range for one or several trading sessions and inactive areas will be darkened on the chart. All volume analysis tools, including Volume Profiles, Clusters, VWAP, on this chart will calculate the volume data only for the active (specified) range.

Custom trade sessions are available for next panels: Chart, TPO Chart, DOM Trader, DOM Surface

Improved the management of lists in the Watchlist panel

Watchlist panel allows you to create lists of symbols, save and switch between them in a couple of clicks. In the latest version, we improved the list management mechanism by adding two options:

  • Add to Watchlist option allows you to add a previously saved list to the current list of instruments
  • Replace Watchlist option clears the current list and adds the previously saved list to the panel