Excel Real-Time Data function

3rdDimension 1.39 supports Real-Time Data (RTD) function for sending data and other market information to Microsoft Excel®. This feature opens up many opportunities for creating custom displays and other ways to better manage your workflow. For instance, you can transmit real-time market data, account info and analyze it on your own. You can use our example Excel file to evaluate RTD possibilities. Also, read our help guide on how to activate RTD and how to work with it in Excel.

RealTimeData function with Quantower and Excel

Binance got an Info Mode. Access to real-time market data without a trading account

The Info Mode lets you connect to the Binance exchange without using the API key, and receive real-time data for all available cryptocurrencies. This mode will be useful for a complete analysis of the market situation, including with the help of Volume Analysis Tools, Order Flow, and various chart types.

Connect to Binance without API Key