Version 1.43.1 ____ Friday, September 20, 2019
  • Bugs fixed for Binance.
  • Fixed the connection issue to Polygon.
Version 1.43 ____ Wednesday, September 18, 2019
  • Support of OCO orders for Binance. Enabled OCO order type for Binance crypto exchange, when one order cancel other in cases of execution of the first order.
  • Connection to data provider. provides Real-time and Historical Market data for several asset types — US Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Forex.
  • Custom Tick Size for DOM Trader panel. This setting allows you to “align” the DOM Trader to the desired tick size.
  • Added Elliot triangle Wave, Triangle pattern, Three Drives pattern. Popular drawings for analysing of Elliot Wave theory, harmonic patterns etc.
  • Delta-Rotations Indicator. The Delta-Rotations indicator plots in real-time the accumulated aggressive orders on each rotational move through delta.
  • Small fixes for Binance.
  • Minor fixes for VWAP tool.